Thursday, 3 July 2014

Arhar-Daal-Tikki in Microwave convention mode

A Healthy option for snacking ------Ok so Tikki is a junk food hamm....but i like tikki OMG this one is not junk food  & it's My Mother-In-Law's recipe..No, not Aloo-Tikki It's "Daal-Tikki"  not fried one, Baked one WOW .....


1 Cup daal ( arhar daal)
1 Small red chilli pickle ( homemade)
4 Cloves garlic chopped
1 Tbsp sattu ( roasted channa powder)
1 Tsp wheat flour
1 tsp ginger paste
salt to taste
1 green chilli chopped
1 Tbsp roasted peanuts crushed 

Sock daal for 15 min. grind it coarsely without water (to make small pieces)don't make paste ( you can see the small chunks of daal in pic). Then sock it again for 1 hour. Drain all water from daal then mix all ingredients well. Make small tikkis from mixture. Set convection on 160.C. Bake tikkis from one side for 10 min then turn it & bake for 4 min or till done. Enjoy it with sauce or just like other chaat.

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  1. Nice & healthy Shweta..but alas I dont have an oven. But Will surely try it on tava :)